About us


Serbian (ex Yugoslavian) leader in Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) design and development (same core team together for 35 years) supported by state-of-the-art software, systems, a prototype workshop and manufacturing partners.

More then 35 years experience in the field of MLRS

Vast experience in the complete design, development, production and support of battle proven self-prpelled and towed MLRS, support equipment and subsystems such as launcher tubes and containers. Successfully completed more then 15 projects with 10 MLRS over past 20 years.

Unique designs such as sandwich tubes, composite tube and orginal technical solution for classic launch tube 122mm already patented in 2019.

Etrepreneurial culture fueled by innovation with quick turnaround times and a professional service - very flexible.


▶ Full 3D Modelling

 - CAD - Computer Aided Design (Catia, Autodesk Inventor);

▶ Simulation & Testing

 - Self-made semi empiric software for MLRS dynamics and ballistic simulation;

 - Structural simulation for FEA;

 - Equipment for launch tube and pod testing;

▶ Services for customers

 - Creation of technical requirements for contemporary MLRS;

 - Design of launcher systems with accordance to technical requirements (includes: launcher, launcher pod or launch tubes, fire control system and integration with the vehicle);

 - Modernization of existing missile systems;

 - Creation of techological documentation for the production and integration of the launcher system within the bounds of the technological capacities of the customer;

 - Design and implantation of new production lnes for production, integration and testing of the launcher systems and/or the launcher tubes (pods).